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    Current CO2 level in the atmosphere

    Sierra Club 

    In A Sea Change, retired high school teacher Sven Huseby learns that the oceans are becoming more acidic because they’ve absorbed much of the carbon d..

    Southern Fried Science 

    Stop whatever you are doing and immediately make plans to go see “A Sea Change”... Regardless of your science background, you will not only understand..

    Rob Moir 

    “A Sea Change could not be more timely. I believe acidification of our oceans is actually a greater threat to our survival than is temperature or sea ..

    52ND SFIFF 

    "Human denial of various colors has unfortunately played a large role in fostering inaction over mitigating global warming’s effects. Ettinger wisely ..

    ‘A Sea Change’ Brings in a Tide of Change 

    “Pteropods dance to a musical composition of perfect balance. Their translucent wings flutter delicately deep within our oceans. With each movement th..

    Ann Hornaday 

    A Sea Change looks terrific, with lots of breathtaking footage of the natural world, from the tiniest pteropod (the fluttery, planktonic sea snail tha..

    Brad Warren 

    "A Sea Change offers a searching, emotionally powerful look at ocean acidification. This problem is sometimes called the "evil twin" of climate change..

    Dr. Cat Dorey 

    "A Sea Change follows ex-history teacher, activist and grandfather Sven Huseby as he travels to visit various scientists to learn more about the impac..

    Dr. Richard W. Spinrad 

    “Ocean acidification is a significant part of the climate change story. A Sea Change does a unique and excellent job of conveying this complex scienti..

    Jess Reese 

    “Like Sven and many others in A Sea Change, once I learned about the problem of ocean acidification I have been able to think of little else. The dire..

    Justin Berton 

    “Huseby launches an adorable "About Schmidt"-like road trip to meet the world's leading oceanographers and global warming experts to better understand..

    Marin Maven 

    “Ocean acidification is the flip side of global warming and if you have children, grandchildren or any investment in life as we know it continuing on ..