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    Current CO2 level in the atmosphere

    We still need your support

    Yes, A Sea Change still needs your support. The full production budget was raised, and there's a beautiful, moving film to show for it. But that's just the beginning. No film exists unless it's seen by an audience. And a film about a subject like ocean acidification needs to be more than seen; it must be discussed, and tools must be provided for the audience to take action. All that takes money.

    We’re grateful to the Fledgling Fund and Oak Foundation for outreach funds; however, we need to raise additional funds to support outreach, so that we can continue to get the word out about A Sea Change and ocean acidification.

    A donation

    Your donation, whether for $25, $50, or more, will be a huge help.  Visit our Indiegogo page to donate now.

    Buy some gear and purchase the film

    You can also support the film by buying and wearing some gear, or by buying a copy of the film for a gift.